a prayer of gratitude after mass

Most loving Jesu, my Redeemer and my God: I adore thee, who art present within me under the veils of bread and wine, wherein thou art made the meat and drink of my soul. O my God, I pray that thy coming to my soul may be ever blessed. And for this great benefit I give thee thanks from my inmost heart. And I lament that I cannot worthily give thanks unto thee. For how could a steward of low degree give worthy thanks, if his king should visit his hut; save by casting himself down at his feet in silence to praise and honour such great condescension? Therefore, O heavenly King, Jesu beloved, I cast myself at thy feet and adore thee in my utter unworthiness. I unite my adoration to the adoration offered unto thee by the blessed Virgin Mary, when she received thee into her sacred womb. And with such love as she loved thee would I also honour thee.

My God and my all! Thou alone from henceforth shalt be my best good and my chief love. Grant that I may say unto thee, with thy blessed Saint Paulinus: Let the rich man keep his riches, and the king his crown; my glory and my kingdom is Christ. Let the kings and the rich men of the earth enjoy their kingdoms and their riches: thou, O good Jesu, shalt alone be evermore my riches and my kingdom. O everlasting Father, by the love of this thy Son, whom I have this day offered unto thee, and received into my heart; grant me, I pray thee, holy perseverance in thy grace, and the gift of thy holy love.

About Fr George

Fr George is the priest-in-charge of Holy Cross Dallas
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