kierkegaard on love

…the true lover understands only one thing: to be fooled, to be deceived, to give everything away without the slightest return — this is what it means not to seek one’s own. O, the poor fool. How ridiculous can he get — in the eyes of the world! The true lover becomes the unmitigatedly injured one — which in a certain sense he brings on himself by his self-renunciation. Yet in this way the revolution of “mine and yours” achieves its highest; therefore love also achieves its highest blessedness in itself. No ingratitude, no misunderstanding, no unappreciated sacrifice, no mockery for thanks, nothing, neither present no future can bring him to understand sooner or later that he has any mine or make it apparent that he had only for a moment forgotten the distinction between mine and yours; for he has eternally forgotten this distinction and eternally understood himself in loving sacrificially, understood himself in being sacrificed.

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Fr George is the priest-in-charge of Holy Cross Dallas

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